Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What I learned at great length...

Loneliness / void we toss ourselves away
into that bottomless hole, failing to notice
no amount of company
can fill a space where                                                         you
don't exist

is self
undiscovered                                                                         I

useless desire
that guides
from outside

Void isn't                                                                              me
absent from
my world

nothing can fill what is never                                           present

nothing will complete                                                      what isn't
animal that looks for itself

find a face is a mirror                                            find a face in a mirror

Friday, 25 January 2013

I see you...

A birthday gift
to all who have failed to grow up,
to all who think that friendship is a negotiable currency,
to all who think they can be whoever without concern for anyone else,
to all the fakes who smile at you while lying to themselves,
to all who say that they love you, without even really knowing you,
to all who think that appearances are what counts,
to all who never worked harder than they needed to,
to all who submit to bullshit instead of railing against the fools,
to all who stand by and watch while the psychopaths they elect destroy the world built by better people than we ,
to all who discard without a thought for where the trash ends up,
to all who consume because they know no better,
to all the hollow characters that haunt others lives hoping for meaning,
to all the followers of celebrity,
to all who believe the justifications of the fearfully violent,
to all who never awaken from the pipe dream of riches,
to all who destroy youth to save the children,
to all the scum in expensive suits,
to all who turn a blind eye to starving children outside the restaurant window...
my birthday wish for you is that you disappear and no one remember
your passing.



We are fragile, little thin-skinned beings. Even insects have more to protect them.
They hardly give a care, as they go about their tasks.
We complain and cry, we are unhappy and dont really know why.
The beetle carries on, even when all it has to eat is shit.
We want gluten-free life, so we don’t have to feel the actuality of “it”.
Bees work, arduously, not in anticipation of a day or a weekend free.
But if we don’t get a break at 10:30, for a smoke or a coffee?
Well…it’s just so unfair.
Not red in tooth and claw are we, not even fit to roam the forest at night, not ever to burn more brightly than our meager lamps allow.
A cockroach and his kin will be kings the day after tomorrow, the same as it was in a carboniferous age they remember, in some ancient memory.
Like little pink things that wriggle in fur-lined nests, we are so soft and oh so very weak.
But evolution offers a way to change, to toughen up and be free outside the cage.
We can become strong, in the face of opposition we can flourish.
Join us, join the great We.
Grow a hard shell. Be tarantula, be wasp, be armored.
Be chitinous and harsh, when you need to be.
Precarious? Hilarious! We’ll see…
Rest assured that when the wind blows, you will feel free.
And unless you are a dung beetle, don’t accept any shit.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Walker is to walk
outside the lines
within a tradition I value
to let the four footed
be a caterpillar of smells sought
tails wagged, talk barked
next to trees leaving a stream
that others will see
along the edges of the land, the fence
barbed wire and banana trees
flowering daisies and okra
down the slope
along the edge
that keeps the cows
from coming across
the stream
under the guayaba, near the papaya
a hole dug by an unseen guest
who walks at night to
see where I've been during the day
my dogs smell the absent one
and after a few circles and a piss
the walk heads up the

dark is the grey cloud cover

the wind drives the raindrops sideways

the birds and other tree dwellers are hidden

in the forest.

The parched land, its body spread wide

opens her mouths and drinks deep the gathering gloom.

Like a woman tired after too much days work

all she wants is a warm bath, a shower will suffice

but nicer still to lay in the tub and let the water wash

away the grime and the heat.