Sunday, 8 February 2015

Be a sport...

Would it be so bad if each sport event ended with a cathartic event? As it seems that the custom these days is to riot after a sporting event, why not just set up a gladiatorial contest en masse after each game?

Saturday, 7 February 2015


The world cannot be saved, not in any spiritual or religious way.
It doesn't need salvation, resting as always in absolute perfection,
the world and it's wonders are beyond any human ideas.

The world cannot be saved, but we shall, misguidedly proceed on
a pilgrim's journey to redeem what gives us base.
Like some retired, first grade teacher whose pedagogical insights fail
when applied to adult life and the real world, no ritual, no march
or riot will make what is any better.

The world cannot be saved, in another sense still, by new age fancy,
gender-based empowerment, or deconstructive stratagem.
The world clings to all it contains, so nothing is better than anything else
if it has been deemed fit to be.

The world cannot be saved, not stored up or
hamstered away, no investment for the future can invest
anything with more value than the world already has.

So let us not save the world, better to run from it.