Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The Cripple and the Crone/( thanks to the Bros.Grimm)

The two, like characters from a fairytale, lived down the road from the good place. They had wasted their years in vanity and consumption and had nothing to show but a shabby house. They hated their limitations, they hated each other too. When he or she would get a chance to visit the good place, they brought their bile and poured it in glasses to serve all around. The people of the good place overlooked such evil, wishing instead to be accepting of differences.
This bothered the crone to no end. She found someone new to hate. She developed a tale that would make the good place bad. Her lies she would craft to make all the virtue she had been shown, dissolve in a lie of epic proportions. But she made sure to hide it from all who offered a sympathetic ear. She painted all the kindness as imposition, she tarnished good names for her own amusement.
Sadly, it was the community that suffered from the lies. The good place remained good and the 2 never found their way back to it again.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Friendships of convenience

I wonder how anyone can live by giving away all their integrity.
To be critical of another and then accept their invitations.
To be willing to be used by someone who is busy recuperating their failures by associating with reputable people.
I am not of this cut, I stay where I have put myself after coming to terms with
the facts of a situation .
If you don't value your own judgment, if you can be swayed by a cheap meal served by a cold and calculating face, then I don't want to see yours.
I am happy to be alone as much as I am, for I find the fakes just too much to take.
But for those who would be my friends, I say, do not play yourself, because once you have been played, you are no longer in my game.
I choose my friends carefully, I don't put them in place to be fooled by them.
So listen, if you care to have my ear,
listen closely to what I say...
If you cozy up to liars and such I 'll not have you in my way.
They say it is a fool who makes his world smaller by rejecting others...
I say the fool is he who kisses ass to be included.