Sunday, 30 June 2013

A wall...

It's a wall

we build
to hide the other side
of ourselves
from our view.

On either side
we hide all those
who we are who we
would rather not be

Our ideals straddle this wall
like some eggman
waiting to fall
but all along
firmly glued to the spot
We are what we are not
we fail to see
too often the other side
of this contradiction

Our loving ideals
reduced to pure fictions
on either side of our divide
from our truths
we must hide

unpleasant to see the inability
to live up to what we claim
incapable of focus,
we end up lame

Yet no one is perfect
and better to be honest at least
in bright daylight with open eyes
ready to see

that we aspire and fail, but
not for lack of trying
it's because we are cracked
and involuntary lying

it hurts too much to see
ourselves as all that
which we think "not me"
but it doesn't end there
it never ends,
the best would be
to become
an honest friend
to the people on the
other side of the wall

tear down this wall
tear down this wall.