Tuesday, 12 February 2013

liars pants...

I hate fucking liars
those who fan flames
hiding behind false demeanour
as they craft pathetic games.

I hate those fakes
all smiles and light
in reality they bring you a
deadly fight.

I hate those who value my wife,
while trying to
figure out how
to get her out of my life.

I hate those who pretend
to be friend
the ones who would take from me
but not be there at the end.

I am no lover of manipulative
their only real intent
to bring us their harm.

I am no lover of wordsmiths
or poets, hiding behind words
like I don't even know it.

Pretenders to the throne
those all alone
who covet what is out of reach
for them.

The danger of others,
alligator smiles conceal the
bite that smothers.

I hate them all, for being unreal
for lying about what they really feel.
I hate them yes, because that is justice and
I wish they would return to their mothers.

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