Monday, 11 February 2013

Idealized and glorious
 the friend ship sailed the glassy sea
the crew was steadfast, loyal and brave
as friends often need to be
for each other, all for one and one
could be thee, and I must sail true
because we are sailors on this sea
and none can walk on water
nor should need ever be
yet storms appear from time to time
and the friend ship must confront
each wave and sine
signing off on patience, understanding
that respect is what floats the ship
each sailors duty done and none
are bound to the mast
for none would dare be the 
others last.

The friend ship, sails through
storms and gales, 
it steers by an ever fixed mark
as playwrights and poets have
said and philosophers too
Yet the friend ship too
must dock and at no expense
dispense the passengers
as due, for sometimes these
bonds dissolve, and people part
their ways, separated
naturally, as a ship will disappear
between the cresting waves.

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