Saturday, 29 December 2012

New Panopticon

Surveillance drones and cctv cameras now form the backbone of  American intelligence and warfare capabilities.
They can be found worldwide. They are so invasive that the Iraqi vice president declared that the skies over Iraq belonged to Iraqi's not to Americans. Needless to say, this is an alarming state of affairs.
Alarming in that no place is secure from the prying eyes of this new Big Brother wannabe.
Perhaps it would help to understand where this tendency arose and why it has grown to the level of an industry.

Just why are Americans obsessed with seeing all? Why does a nation of "democratic institutions" need to keep an eye on everything? The danger in this is obvious, but the motivation deserves exploration.

What's a particle?

“…the magnetic field produced by co-moving electric charges produces a focusing that reduces the dispersion of the beam of particles. One can clearly observe particles all having the same velocity in a parallel beam attracting each other due to the magnetic field produced by the velocity of the neighboring charges”. ..(gravitational acceleration of masses  v. inertial acceleration of masses)


2 particles that are travelling on parallel paths can collide when they deviate in a gravitational field warp/distortion; ie, curvature.
Theoretically, curvature takes 2 parallel beams and converges them to a point. Yet Einstein is playing with geometry by suggesting that the norm is valid even after being distorted. Par[allelic]ity is lost upon the beams entering a warped space/time. They are no longer capable of travelling in parallel in a space where such phenomenon would be impossible.

For all practical purposes, the world we inhabit is flat. In it, 2 beams that move in parallel will be expected to do so to infinity, as in classical physics.

Not to dispute the findings of either quantum mechanics or of classical physics, it seems to me that an active universe in which energy is being redistributed , a kind of universal weather of highs and lows, parallelicity would seem to be impossible. It is sheer luck that anything can traverse a path without succumbing to some external influence.

But what is a
 I cle                / ?
‘ave to another,
never alone.  Impossible,
(is?) solitude, that being
yet never real because
attraction guides day
desires guide nights
a part of this, is, a part of that
and becomes
a w/ ho(m/l)e, not a-part/I cle-
ave to another
2 in tandem, entanglement,  :  ..  :
One path
is not parallel
and 2 particles  ..
are one  .